iManufacturing. . ?

iManufacturing. . ?

Video here:  A Trip to The iFactory: ‘Nightline’ Gets an Unprecedented Glimpse Inside Apple’s Chinese Core

Today Good Morning America did a preview of a story that’s coming on Nightline tonight.  It’s the beginning of coverage on Apple’s manufacturing facilities in China for iPads, etc.  In response to rumors of human rights abuses, ABC toured the factories and interviewed workers.  I’ve spent a little bit of time in the third world and seen rough things, heard rough stories, especially from manufacturing facilities; but this was a good reminder.  Especially since this factory is supposedly one of the sweetest gigs in China.  We can wonder what the worst facilities are like.  It’s powerful to me to see the young Chinese woman who works the assembly line helping crank out thousands of iPads, and in this interview she gets her first chance to actually hold a finished one and use it herself.


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