Holy Walkabout: Sunday 1

Holy Walkabout: Sunday 1

So you know, Lent season skips over Sundays.  I think that’s how the Church handles the tension that we have during this season.  On the one hand, it’s supposed to be full of self-sacrifice, soul-searching, and repenting from sinfulness; Ash Wednesday is fairly somber as we think about all that.  On the other hand, the preparation is for Easter, for hope, and even during Lent we don’t just pretend Jesus is still in the tomb; right now, he is risen.

So, on Sundays, we are to celebrate like “little Easters”.  Sundays can be a break from your fasting or whatever you’ve “given up” or “added” for the season.  It’s a weekly reminder that, hey, however my Lent is going Jesus is alive and we share in his victory over sin, evil, and death.  If you’re breaking an addiction or turning your back on something difficult, or trying something new and it’s hard, Sundays can renew our hope as we begin again on Monday.

I won’t be blogging on Sundays, other than to you remind you to celebrate, to break the fast a little, and to remember Jesus Christ is alive and arisen today.  Happy Sunday.


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