Holy Walkabout: Day 23

Holy Walkabout: Day 23

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.” John 3:16

I’m glad for how much 3:16 gets quoted. I’m comforted to read it today. The blah-blah of everyday life has been a little high lately, especially with my baby sick with a fever last week, and now my having gotten it yesterday and today. Plus, I try to be someone who’s staying on top of late-and-breaking Christian culture, and culture in general, so part of my office time is tracking Twitter, and the news, and other bloggers; all of that can be chock-full of opinion, theology, an ugly mix of the two, and a beautiful mix of the two. On top of that, our denomination is all up in talk about restructuring our church, and constantly bemoaning our declining numbers. So it can be overwhelming. Maybe your life/work/surroundings/relationships get overwhelming here and there? Yes? Yes.

That’s when I think it’s nice to enjoy simplicity. John 3:16 is a simple proposition: because of this, then this. Because God loves us, he sent his Son to offer any believer eternal life. The writer is so straightforward about it. It just is. This just is true. There’s no thought-provoking question, no formal invitation, no fancy marketing, and no regard for the survival of the institutional church. Taken for what it is, this is a very basic (but earth-shattering) truth. It’s been true since the time Jesus was born (if not before then), right up until the time John wrote this down, right up until today, and passing today on until the end of time. Those who believe in God’s son, Jesus, will not die but have eternal life. Thank God, and halleleujah.

That’s all for today. Reflect and keep reflecting on this one little sentence. Enjoy it, and be comforted by it. Or, if you’re new to hoping in this faith or knowing Jesus, then be challenged by it and pursue for yourself whether or not it’s true. It sounds simple, even easy, even too easy, but John stated it as true fact. Investigate for yourself.


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