Sorry, folks, but for the second time lately I’m dragging on getting you the daily devotionals I pledged to write. I still put it on the sickness of this past week; the fever is over now, but I’m still in ragged shape and it’s been long enough now that I have some serious catching up to do on being: a pastor, husband, father, son, brother, friend, room-cleaner, dish-washer, and trash-taker-outer. I’m usually behind in those areas as it is normally, but even more so right now. It’s Saturday, or “sermonday” as sometimes it goes, plus all the rest. So, I’m just writing now to ask for a “timeout” (in the style of Zack Morris):

Thank you for your understanding. I owe you days 27 & 28 right now, with the fourth Sunday coming for tomorrow. Be on the lookout, things will all be updated by Monday, if not sooner.


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