Listeners UNITE!

Listeners UNITE!

A quick post to see who’s willing to help me advocate for change. Not spiritual or political change, nothing world-rocking, but still personally important. See, I use a cloud-based app called “Spotify” to listen to music.

I like it a good bit. It gives you a lot of access to a lot of music, for free, and you can search by album or artist, and all the usual jazz. It integrates really well with social media, especially Facebook. It’s becoming real popular, so go ahead and get on the train and give it a try. But I’ve had just one little issue lately…

Durex dilemma
Picture me in the office (at church, mind you), when those familiar opening notes from Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” come blaring through in Bose-quality sound. No big deal, I think to myself, I guess ol’ Marvin has popped up in my random playlist, easy enough to turn the volume down a little. But then, a voice-over proceeds to tell me about the differing needs of men and women…you know…in the “bedroom” sense, eh hem. “Have no fear,” my desktop speakers promise me loud-and-clear, “Durex has a product line designed to maximize your….” And there are background sound effects. For real.

See, the free version of Spotify has audio ads. Not too terribly often, probably every sixth song or something. They’re brief, so no problem. However. Lately, I’ve had a few days running with ads that are pretty not appropriate, or NSFW as you might say. And they’re crazy repetitive, so the above real-life scenario gets played out about three times per hour. I’m tired of being vigilant with my volume controls. I don’t want my fellow staff people walking in on the Durex or Victoria’s Secret ad (especially when they don’t know I’m using Spotify, and might wrongly assume that this is something I’m choosing to hear/watch). And did I mention the ads are repetitive?

YOUR help
So, my call to action for any of you who are willing is to make some noise with Spotify to let them know that some ads are NSFW and/or not “family friendly.” One lady posted to the support forum that she uses Spotify for kids at daycare and the Durex spot didn’t go over so well then, either. Basically, we’re just asking for a content/family filter on the ads. Here are your options:

  1. Tweet it up to @SpotifyCares. Like, maybe a tweet per day for the next week, if that’s not too much commitment.
  2. Reply to this thread (or others like it) at the Spotify forums.
  3. Fill out a Contact form here that addresses an ad filter.

I want to listen to music at work, guys. I need it. Maybe you do, too. So let’s make Spotify better and take Durex down! (at least, let’s have an ad filter option. I have no quarrel with Durex or its products).


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